Understanding Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Key Infrastructure for Global Cloud Growth


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Understanding Data Center Interconnect (DCI): Key Infrastructure for Global Cloud Growth

According to data insight provider GlobalData, the global cloud ecosystem is projected to witness a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25.3%, reaching an estimated value of US$720 billion in 2022. A fundamental element fueling such growth is the Data Center Interconnect (DCI) technology, which serves as the backbone for connecting data centers. But what exactly is DCI, and why is it essential for the seamless functioning of the digital world?

In simple terms, Data Center Interconnect refers to the technology that facilitates the linkage between two or more data centers, enabling them to exchange data, computing resources, storage capacity, backup, redundancy, and more. This connection can span relatively short distances, such as within a city, or traverse vast expanses, including continents, by using subsea cables across oceans.

While factors like speed, bandwidth, and capacity undoubtedly play significant roles in DCI solutions, there is more to it than just these technical aspects. In an increasingly digital world, DCI solutions must also incorporate additional features such as simplified Operations and Maintenance (O&M), intelligence, and robust security. These features have now become necessities rather than just optional extras.

Aerech’s Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions exemplify the incorporation of crucial features to meet the demands of the digital era. Some of the standout features of Aerech’s DCI solutions include:

Highest Performance:

  • Achieving an impressive 96T per fiber, surpassing the industry average of 60T per fiber.
  • Offering 6.4T per unit compared to the average 3.6T per unit, resulting in the lowest per-bit cost in the industry.

Lowest Power Consumption:

  • Consuming only 0.13 W per gigabit, which is 35% lower than the industry average of 0.2 W per gigabit.

Rapid Deployment:

  • Allowing deployment within just 8 minutes, streamlining network operations.

Plug and Play:

  • Eliminating the need for complex network planning through automatic deployment, which can be carried out by anyone.

Simplified Connections:

  • Integrating the design to reduce over 90% of internal fiber connections at the optical layer.

High Reliability:

  • Implementing Optical Linkage Perceptron and millisecond-level sensing algorithms to improve transaction reliability to an impressive 99.999%.
  • Incorporating Light Speed Switcher technology to enhance transaction experience by 90%.

Aerech’s Integrated Optical Bearer Solution for Data Centers delivers ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent DCI capabilities, catering to the growing demands for traffic and enhanced O&M efficiency. This solution effectively supports the interconnection of enterprise data center networks.

In conclusion, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) plays a pivotal role in the rapid growth of the global cloud ecosystem. Aerech’s innovative DCI solutions stand out with their exceptional performance, low power consumption, rapid deployment, and simplified connections. These features are vital contributors to driving the success and efficiency of the digital world, supporting seamless data exchange and communication across interconnected data centers worldwide.

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