Optical Transceiver Test Process


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Optical Transceiver Test Process

Optical Transceiver Test Process

After the optical module production, we will test it before shipment. Aerech has a complete testing process. All parameters must meet the requirements to ensure that the optical module will not have any quality problems. The following is the complete Optical Transceiver Test Process.

Transmitted and Received Light Test

The output optical power is an important parameter that can determine the transmission distance and quality of the optical module. Too high or too low is not good. The receiving sensitivity will influence the sensitivity of the optical module to receive light. Generally, the higher the optical module’s data rate, the lower the receiving sensitivity.

Eye Diagram and Extinction Ratio Test

The shape of the eye diagram is similar to that of an eye. It is the result of the oscilloscope’s multiple acquisitions of digital signals and superimposed displays. It can intuitively reflect whether the measured signal is lost or not and whether the signal transmission performance is good.

The extinction ratio is one of the parameters that measure the quality of the optical module. The larger the extinction ratio, the stronger the ability of the optical signal to be received and discriminated, and the higher the receiving sensitivity will be. The extinction ratio is inversely proportional to the optical power. During the test, we will notice that the larger the extinction ratio, the smaller the output optical power.

High and Low-Temperature Aging Test

If the application environment of the optical module is different, its working temperature is also different. Before leaving the factory, the optical module must be subjected to high and low-temperature aging tests in the aging box to verify whether the performance indicators of the optical module can still meet the standards in extreme environments.

Compatibility connectivity test

Insert the optical module into the switch of the corresponding brand to test the connectivity. If the optical module can be connected, it is compatible and can communicate. If it is unconnected, further testing is required;

End Face Cleaning

In the various progress of optical modules, some dirt and scratches will inevitably appear. It needs to be observed through a microscope. If there is no problem, it can be packaged and shipped. If there is a problem, we will take care of it.

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