DAC Cables vs AOC Cables: A Comprehensive Comparison by Aerech


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DAC Cables vs AOC Cables: A Comprehensive Comparison by Aerech

Data centers rely on high-performance computing network cabling systems, with DAC (Direct Attach Cable) and AOC (Active Optical Cable) solutions gaining prominence for their lower latency, reduced power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Aerech presents an in-depth comparison of DAC and AOC cables, covering basics, types, applications, and advantages, enabling you to make informed decisions for your data center infrastructure.

Understanding DAC and AOC Basics

DAC (Direct Attach Cable): DAC comprises twinax copper cables terminated with connectors (SFP+/SFP28/QSFP+/QSFP56/QSFP28) on both ends. Passive and active DAC cables transmit electrical signals over copper, with active DACs featuring signal-boosting components. DAC cables are ideal for connecting switches, servers, and storage within racks.

AOC (Active Optical Cable): AOC consists of multimode fiber optic cables terminated with SFP connectors. External power converts electrical to optical signals and vice versa. AOC cables link switches, servers, and storage between different racks in data centers.

DAC/AOC Cables Comparison

Reach: DAC cables have a reach of <7m (passive) and 7-15m (active), while AOC cables can reach up to 100m.

Cable Types: DAC uses twinax copper cables, while AOC employs optical fiber.

Power Consumption: AOC consumes more power (>1w) than DAC (active DAC <1w, passive DAC <0.15w).

Transmission Distance: AOC excels in longer distances (up to 100m), while DAC is suitable for short-range transmission.

Cost: DAC is cost-effective for short-range applications, while AOC is pricier due to optical fiber components.

EMI Immunity: AOC is immune to electromagnetic interference, while DAC is susceptible due to its copper nature.

DAC Working Scenarios

10G SFP+ DACs excel in short-range server-to-switch connections (ToR), offering low latency and cost-effective alternatives for 10G ToR switch and server interconnections.

AOC Working Scenarios

10G SFP+ AOCs find application in various data center areas, including ToR, EoR, MoR, Spine, Leaf, and Core switching. With a reach of up to 100m, AOCs provide flexible and reliable interconnections.

Elevating Data Center Cabling with Aerech

DAC and AOC cables play pivotal roles in data center cabling, offering distinct advantages for different scenarios. Aerech provides a comprehensive understanding of DAC and AOC differences, empowering you to make informed choices based on factors like reach, power consumption, transmission distance, cost, and EMI immunity. Whether optimizing short-range connections or enabling flexible long-range networking, Aerech ensures your data center cabling meets performance and efficiency needs.